• Carrier Rollers
  • Track Rollers
  • Chains
  • Rim Gears
  • Idlers
  • Bogies
  • Equalizer Bars
  • Spring Recoil
  • Track Shoes
  • ​Track Link Assemblies
  • Pallet Pins and Bushings
  • Rim and Wheel


It is produced by state-of-the-art processes such as rotary friction welding robots or induction heat treatments to ensure appropriate hardness levels.  


Made of cast steel, it is subjected to a special heat treatment to ensure long-term durability and smoothness.


Rim Gears .  They are of exceptional quality thanks to the perfect combination of high quality cast steel and advanced heat treatment technology.
Track Shoes . It is heat treated to provide a higher tensile strength against bending and breaking under high impact conditions.